Im frustrated to say the least, high school is all it is cracked up to be… NEVER ENDING WORK. I have three things in social due tomorrow! (trust me it’s not going to be done maybe one at the most). Not only am I struck with work but there is a white world outside my window, yes.. snow in october! Thats my hometown for ya.

But no matter what is bringing me down at the end of the day I can always count on four little things to pick me back up again, 1) My music 2)reading and writing 3) The x factor and most of all 4) My pumpkin pie ice cream. (pfor those of you who dont know, and most of you dont, Ice cream and pumpkin are my weakness’ put thoes together and.. BOOM!)



When ‘scream’ from High school musical 3 is your theme song, TIME TO MAKE ADJUSTMENTS.  4 tests in science, 3 in math, 1 in french, an essay and a project due can make this song become on of your favorites. Science has by far been the hardest, I think i’ve written 100 cuecards, but looking on the + side of things, While procrastinating, i made a playlist of happy/slow/sad/energetic/new/old songs hopefully you guys like!

1) You and I – Ingrid Michaelson

2) Happy Ending – Mika

3) Be alright – Justin Bieber

4) Everybody’s got somebody but me – Hunter Hayes

5) Love me like that – Kira Isabella

6) Hello, Goodbye – The Beatles

7) Little House – Amanda Seyfried (Dear John soundtrack)

8) Springsteen -Eric Church

9) BreezeBlocks – Alt-J  (Free on Itunes this week)

10) I’ll be – Edwin McCain

11) One year of love – Queen

12) Like we used to – Rocket to the moon

Enjoy! Have a good week! -L

Football game!

Today I went to the football game after school… the score?I dont even know! thats because I really didnt even watch the game.. Honestly I talked with my friends the whole time which was fun even though we did get many glares at our odd conversation. Oh well all in all it was a pretty good day today. well as good as a wednesday can be. 🙂 x -E

Melts my heart

The other day, in my hometown, a local transit bus driver pulled over on the side of the road and got off to give his shoes from his feet to a homeless man on the curb who was barefoot. The crowd on the bus said they were all amazed, I only wish I could have been on that bus too. I hope one day I can inspire people to do things like that just how this bus driver inspired me!


I havent been posting much and I do have a reason. Is it good? well I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I have had a massive amount of homework, like it’s insane I’ve had something every night so far. Who knew high school brought upon a ton of work and stress? im guessing everyone but me. I’ve have no time to read, write and let alone blog. It breaks my heart that school is ruining everything that means any thing to me. But on the brightside I have made one new friend 🙂 Hopefully the later weeks will be better, one can only hope! -E

Band blues

I have had my first band class where we played our music and wrote down our goals for the year. When asked why I joined band, I tried to say some musical-y beautiful things to give my teacher the impression I know what I’m doing. When playing my first note of music this year, I was flushed with the reminder that band is not for me. I can’t enjoy playing, I have really given effort into trying to enjoy it but I just can’t. I pray I could!!

  but on the bright side; Science makes sense.. sort of!


So thursday came totally out of the blue and now tomorrow is friday. Im so glad this week went by in the blink of an eye I couldn’t handle a never ending week. I cant wait for the weekend starting friday after school, I might be singing up for dance, I’m going to the mall, I have cheerleading practice… all in all its a busy weekend but I need to find time to get alot of reading done.

I havent had the chance to actually read since school started and it breakes my heart a little becuase reading is a passion of mine that I justa cant let go of. Also I need to write again, trust me blogging and tweeting does help a little but nothing is better than getting a fresh chapter out of mind and bring it to life in words. I cant express my love for writing and thats why it makes me so sad I have not update my story for a whole 20 days. Okay that may not be soooo much but it feels like forever to me. Anyways maybe I can find sometime to myself tomorrow night to just relax my mine and read my worries away with a great book. –E


Monday. I learned at a young age never to trust this day. The day the in which weekends end and the long weekdays being, which means school starts, work again begins. There really is nothing I look forward to on mondays because to me they have forever been ruined. Maybe sometime in the distant futre I will be able to forgive this horrid day and the misfortunes it has brought me but for now all I can do is dread the day that rolls around at the top of every week.

Today was the very first monday of the year, which means ‘the monday blues’ I have good reason though. Today was boring annoying and completly unbarible. But isn’t everyday school day? Today yet again have I recived homework, just typing out the word makes me cringe. Hopefully tomorrow, a less dreaed Tuesday will be better…or maybe not. –E